"Lig do, Lig se cur baisti"(Legh doe, Legh see cer bay stee)A reversal charm/chant to bring a magical rain. Oh, and you'll need the keeper's beads too!

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Within the pages of the Winter Oak series, you will encounter terms and words in a speech unfamiliar to "ordinaires". Many of these words and phrases find their origin in the Gaelic Language and Celtic legends, however this is truly a unique vocabulary and history to the inhabitants of the Winter Oak realm and the "extrodinaires" who live there.

A chosaint - (a-co-sant) "To protect". A gift given to extrodinaires of the Wilde-Lawless blood line and a few other realm dwellers as well. The ability to A chosaint, allows you to protect your pending thoughts and secrets held deep inside.

Duhbshlaine - (Du-slay) Meaning Dark warrior. A breed of ancient draft horses only found at the stables on the Winter Oak ranch. No one is exactly sure of their history, but they are a majestic beast who hold a secret lineage of their own.

Extrodinaire - (ex-tro-din-air) Human, with extraordinary abilities. Lives with in the realm...or not!

Ordinaire - (or-din-air) Human, living outside the realm with no abilities.

Bean Si - (ban-she) Messenger of death, fairy woman, charged with escorting the souls of the departed to the afterlife. Extrodinaire.

Realm dweller - A being who resides in the realm exclusively. Extrodinaire, however some are human and some are not!

mo chara - (mo-cara) "My friend" a term of endearment.

Clurichan - (kloo-ree-kahn) A little beast akin to the leprechaun however, much more mischievous and troublesome by nature. They can be a great asset in times of need and a fierce friend (or foe). Noticeable by the large time piece around their neck and derby hat on their head.

Ooms - The name of a river found in the realm as well as the name of a warrior tribe of elves who live in a tree village along the banks of said river. Extrodinaire.

Teallach Bandia - (tal-losh bon-dee-a) Hearth Goddess, extrodinaire. This goddess or fairy woman is found in the homes of extrodinaires and possibly some ordinaires. They watch over the people who live in their homes, taking care of their needs and keep things running smoothly. The goddess also has the ability to see what is to come and sometimes uses this to her advantage. Keep her on your good side and this can be of great use to you as well.

The red riata - This is a lasso used for many purposes but most useful to extract the truth from those who are less than forth coming. Beware, it only works on one's foes. You can't use it to get the truth out of your mom!

Caoineadh - (queen-ah) The song of farewell for those who have passed. There is a specific caoineadh meant solely for extrodinaires. This sound is beyond any sound ever heard.  

Aitheasc - (Ah-hask) The formal word for The Stunning Stone. The Stunning Stone is the product of a fossilized egg from a Mistiuil.  If you find one, you will find the power in your words. 

Mistiuil - (Mis-tee-yule) The Mistiuil is a bird guide charged with watching over the person they are paired with at birth. A Mistiuil could be any number of feathered fowl you find. 

Fooler -  A magical gadget.  Unlike a wand, which happens to be old school, the fooler doesn't need a spell or incantation to do its work. Whatever task that needs completing, simply wisk your gilded feather and its done.  A flick of the wrist and a thought will do the trick. Everyone with any extrodinaire blood, possess a fooler.  You don't need to be a specific realm dweller, with each extrodinair paired with a Mistiul at birth and their bird guide providing a feather from their breast to make their fooler. Of course wands still do exists and many have a wand as well, but a fooler cuts through the red-tape and a simpler way to magically get the job done. 

Roo - The origin of the Roo is unknown.  Even what one looks like, only a few are aware.  It is the ultimate gift of magic and only those of greatness will possess a roo.  

Winter Oak Blog​

An ongoing series of informative entries

The Duhbshlaine (Du-slay)

The history and lineage of the Duhbshlaine is unknown.  Or is it?  Someone must know where the bloodline of these magnificent beast began.  I can assure you, someone does.  But only through the story of Winter Oak will you find the truth that is these magnificent beasts. 

Long existing in vulnerability, surviving peril to protect that which must never be forgotten, their history seems to have a mystery of its own.  They've been forgotten is their need for protection as well, living outside the realm.  Without the Duhbshline, their power and knowledge, the Keeper cannot accomplish what she is destined.  

Larger in stature than most every breed of horse, no others seen beyond the boundaries of the Winter Oak ranch. Except, lets not forget Eire (air-a).  She must certainly be a Duhbshlaine.  Maybe the secrets that lie with her purpose will shed light on essence of the Duhbshlaine.  Then again, her existence may just lend to more questions, than not. 

I can tell you this; These horses are not what they appear to be.  Yes, they are horses, but what else might they be?  How long have they been part of the protection of what must never be forgotten and what exactly is their part in the preservation of the Wilde/Lawless destiny?  

Here's a clue.  There's more to these beast than meet the eye.  Yes, I said eye, and their eyes have something to do with it. Their coat of black?  This too part of the riddle.  

Keep reading the series to solve the puzzle.  What you learn about the Duhbshlaine will be an intricate part of the rune. 

Daidí na Nollag (Di - Dee - Na No-log)

Also known to many as Santa Claus or Father Christmas, as well as many other names from across the globe.  You know his legend or what you've been told.  But is that really who Daidi is?  Father Christmas is an extrodinaire and he holds the secrets which lie to saving the human race (both extrodinaire and ordinaire) from themselves.  His legend isn't actually what you;ve been taught, but more so what he stands for. Much will be revealed about the truth of Daidi na Nollag and reading the stories will teach you just what you need to know to live your own purposeful life. 

Wilde-Lawless Lineage

The history of the Wilde and Lawless blood line is older than the written word, existing beyond any known time line. There hasn't been a "keeper" born until Clover Lawless for more than 100 years, the mystery and history of the clan lost and forgotten. 

Book one introduces you to the heritage and secrecy belonging to the Wilde-Lawless clan and sweeps you into a world they have belonged to for millennia. With what family is left of the bloodline, they now must struggle to reconcile the past with what is expected of them for the future.   

As you read the subsequent books to follow, you will learn as the family does, what abilities are bestowed and exactly what they are born to protect and why it is so important. The endeavors will challenge Clover and her family as they persist to unravel the puzzle of what must be preserved and who it is that is trying to destroy the balance of the world.

You will learn as Clover does, exactly who the Wilde-Lawless clan are and how they came to be.  Stay tuned.