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Winter Oak, Great Oak, Magical Oak

The Winter Oak

The California Live Oak is a beautiful Red Oak tree that grows on the central Coast of California. The Majestic Winter Oak of the story's name, is one in the same, however the trees of Winter Oak posses a powerful strength lending service in their protection to the Duhbshlaine and the Realm. 

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Fairy Lantern, Magical Lantern, Winter Oak

The Fairy Lantern

Calochortus amabilis, also known as a Golden Fairly lantern , is a flower indigenous to California and part of the lily family. In Clover's world, they  light the way for many of the realm dweller "extrodinaires" in the magical world on the other side of the gate.    

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Winter Oak, Lawless Triquetra,

The Triquetra

The Triquetra, also known in Celtic culture as the Trinity knot, is a well known symbol widely used in Christian religion to represent the holy trinity. The Triquetra for the Wilde-Lawless family means so much more.  Stay tuned! 

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Winter Oak, The stunning stone,

The Stunning Stone

The Stunning Stone is the product of a fossilized egg  from a  Mistiuil.  If you happen to find a Stunning Stone, you will be gifted with the tools you need to empower your words against those who seek to bully, harm or take advantage of you.  Mistiuils leave the stones twice a year.  Just before the Christmas season and in the middle of summer.  

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Winter Oak, The stunning stone,

The Wren

The wren is a majestic bird, thought to be of royalty. He is very elusive so actually ever seeing one, would be lucky. He makes his home in the branches of the Winter Oak. If you are fortunate enough to ever meet one, it is said you will be gifted with inner wisdom in the coming year!

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