Book One

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Winter Oak: Keeper of the Realm Book Trailer

Keeper of The Realm

Clover Lawless is not your average 12 year old girl. She is adventurous, inquisitive and with an unearned wisdom buried deep inside her. She doesn't buy in to any of the childhood fantasies and fairy tales. As far as Clover is concerned, "seeing is believing".

Every day after school, Clover and her father Emmett drive up to Winter Oak where they tend to the horses that live there. The magnificent Duhbshlaine! Clover has always felt a connection to Winter Oak and the horses but never really understood why.

Winter Oak has a tragic past that none of the adults in the town will discuss, but Clover is determined to find out what happened even if it challenges everything she has always known to be true.

Her adventurous streak and inquisitive nature get her the answers she seeks but it is not what she was expecting. What she finds is the mystery of her lineage intertwined with a history she could have only dreamed of, sending Clover to embark on the greatest adventure of her life. But, what does this mean for her future?

Winter Oak Keeper of the Realm, Winter Oak, Clover Lawless, Middle grade fiction fantasy, kids fiction

Book One

The adventure begins!   Join Clover and the Wilde-Lawless clan as they embark on their journey to fulfill their lineages destiny! Click  book image to purchase.