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Author, Winter Oak, Colleen Marlett, Clover Lawless

Author, Speaker and Dreamer

Colleen was born and raised on the central coast of California where she still resides today. 

Being raised by teachers,  Colleen was encouraged to use her imagination and find her passion.  For her, this was writing.

The Winter Oak series is a middle grade fiction fantasy, written in the vain of  fairy tales from a time long past mixed with a dash of  today's modern adventure  story telling.  The tale was born in Colleen at a young age. She took every day occurrences, interactions and her surroundings, living on the central coast, and turned them into  the adventures of Clover Lawless and her majestic steeds, the Duhdbshlaine (Du-slay).   If you happen to be from this part of California, you might recognize a scene or two with her vivid detailing of her imaginary world in the town of Wildewood or on the Winter Oak Ranch.  Colleen has put these stories down on paper to remind the ones she loves, that through them everything is possible. 

Colleen is also a cancer survivor and has been a mother and wife longer than she hasn't.  She speaks publicly about her battle with a rare cancer and her advocacy that has followed, sharing her family's journey along the way.

"If you don't believe, you will never understand". 

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